Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is central to who we are and what we do.
Our mission is to help you know what the rules are and how to take advantage of all special opportunities to limit what taxes you owe. As we learn about your particular situation, our knowledge, experience, and the tools of our trade, become an asset we offer to you.
Effective tax planning is the key to reducing your income tax liability.
At Nagel CPAs, LLC we will work with you throughout the year, not just until April 15, to devise a personal tax-saving strategy for your particular situation. Effective tax planning takes experience and remaining up-to-date with the continual changes and revisions to the tax laws. Because of this we are able to find tax-saving opportunities available to you that you may not know about, while staying in full compliance with the IRS. Tax-saving strategies could include:
  • Deferring income so that it's taxed at the lowest rate
  • Increasing your deductions
  • Taking advantage of tax credits
  • Selecting the proper deprecation methods
We serve the following kinds of taxpaying entities:
Individual, Corporations (C and S), Partnerships (General and Limited), LLC/LLP, Estates and Trusts, Exempt Organizations (Not-for-profit entities), and Retirement Plans.

No matter what your situation may be, we can help you comply with the law, without paying any more than your "fair share." And, we will represent you in any taxing dispute that may arise.
Tax planning assistance you can count on.
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