Tax Preparation Services

The easy way to file your taxes.
Filing tax forms, paying taxes, or even negotiation with the IRS — nobody wants to do that! It’s not only time consuming, but often overwhelming. Nagel CPAs, LLC alleviates the difficulty and frustration by addressing all of your tax issues. As certified accountants, we not only provide personalized tax preparation services for individuals and businesses, but also are able to take advantage of all of the tax breaks available to reduce your liability. Based on your income and deductions, we strive to help you get the biggest refund possible.
We pride ourselves on accurate tax preparation services.
Mistakes happen when you attempt to prepare your own taxes. Filing a 1040EZ is one thing, but when you are filing a 1040 form or a sophisticated business tax form that includes itemized deductions, business expenses, and investments, then errors are commonplace. At our accounting firm, we pride ourselves on accurate tax preparation services. We have extensive knowledge of the tax laws to ensure you get the biggest return or reduce your overall tax liability.

Save time and money as well as eliminate errors by using us for tax preparation. In addition, we help you find deductions and credits that you may miss. Even online software programs miss deductions that can cost the average tax payer hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Enjoy personalized and friendly service when you depend on our experienced tax accountants.
Flexibility is the key to our service.
We can meet at your office or home to assist you in gathering information or planning your affairs. Most of you are quite comfortable in working over the phone, through the internet, or even U.S. mail, so we've become accomplished in serving you even when you are in far away places, or at odd times of the day and night. Most of our work is done electronically, so it's easily retrievable and reproducible, with high regard for confidentiality and security.

We offer several tools, in both digital and paper form, for documenting your tax data. And we have a comfortable, private conference room that is convenient for discussing complex and difficult issues with multiple parties.
We serve the following kinds of taxpaying entities:
Individual, Corporations (C and S), Partnerships (General and Limited), LLC/LLP, Estates and Trusts, Exempt Organizations (Not-for-profit entities), and Retirement Plans.

No matter what your situation may be, we can help you comply with the law, without paying any more than your "fair share." And, we will represent you in any taxing dispute that may arise.
Contact us for comprehensive tax preparation services and the personal attention you need.